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Thread: Matamata Round the houses.

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    The locals are trying to have the Phoenix Palms in Tamihana Street removed.

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    Matamata 1965 - some coloured photos.

    Photos by Glen Kirk - he has given permission to " borrow " them
    Glen also has some Monchrome photos of the " Original " Dragstrip at Meremere - a Cinder Strip close to the current Meremere Dragway.

    The Saloon Grid in Hohaia Street.
    Colin Lumsden - De Soto #63 Graeme Park Plymouth Coupe [partly obscured right ] and what is number ?*7 -Anglia or Humber 80 - I am unsure ?

    Name:  Matamata 1965 #31 1965 grid De Soto Colin Lumsden Plymouth Coupe Graeme Park Anglia Q - Glen Kir.jpg
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    Garth Souness, Morrari - on a trailer and on " Borrani " Wire Wheels - in 1964 Garth was running the Ford Coupe

    Name:  Matamata 1965 #32 1965 Morrari Garth Souness on trailer Glen Kirk .jpg
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    Jim Boyd, Lycoming In the Pit area -
    Placed 1st in the Sports Car Handicap Race against some of the " racing cars "
    Also ran in the " Formula Libre Racing Cars and Sports Racing Cars " the " Festival Road Race " - Race #13 Placed 5th in the 15 Lap Race

    Name:  Matamata 1965 #33 1965 Lycoming Special Jim Boyd Glen Kirk .jpg
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    Have inquired if Glen has any more photos - he travelled to the UK in 1966 and is unsure of any more !

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    Matamata Round the houses. Posts #1 to #3.

    Oldfart query #1 Post in this thread :
    Matamata Round the houses.
    I have very fond memories of this, but don't seem to be able to find much.

    Steve Holmes - reply question
    How many years did they run it for Rhys? I don't think it was on the championship trail so didn't get the media coverage that other events did. There are a couple of great photos floating about of Red Dawson in his Willys coupe and Garth Souness in the Morrari from Matamata. **

    Oldfart - reply
    I believe it ran for 2 years. The old man was Town Clerk there. There were plenty of articles and photos in Motorman, Almost all the "names" took part with every class imaginable.

    Copying the posts as a lot has come to light on the Races.

    Would like to get hold of the Motorman articles - have the Results from Graham Woods archives and some programme details from Milan Fistonic, Keiron Guinness, Myles Hicks and photos from Scott Given Studio - through Ross Cammick, Alan Boyle's photos from 1964 and Glen Kirk's from 1965.

    ** Photos of The Willys and the Morrari now attached, the Morrari photo a static one from the Pits / Paddock.

    Have contacted Hamilton Car Club in the hope of obtaining more information - that is how the Glen Kirk photos came to light.

    Thanks Rhys for starting the thread, I had not seen it until recently, when I got information about the " Orchid Special " from its current owner in Switzerland who is trying to find all he can about that cars History -he referred to TRS Thread #847 - he, Richard, has a big archive but more is needed, especially on the early years of that car.

    As a Post Script - The photo on the cover of the 1965 Programme show two " Racing Cars " going through a corner with the Farmers Building in the background and a big crowd.
    Photo copied below - cropped from the Programme.

    Name:  Matamata 1965 #65 Programme Cover Photo crop - image5 Myles Hicks .jpg (579x800) (2).jpg
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    Farmers are still in Matamata on Tainui Street at Number 7 - between the Council Building to the South and Broadway to the North. Is it the same location ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldfart View Post
    I would SUGGEST (same word could replace "state" in earlier post) that the photo with the Zephyr, 105E, Humber/Hillman could be Tamihana /Meura St corner. The plane tree plantings in many parts of town took place while we lived in the town, so now 55 odd years old.
    Thanks Rhys

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