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Thread: Team Cambridge Monaro

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    Team Cambridge Monaro

    Team Cambridge Monaro lives.
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    I can't help with the whereabouts of Howard Harris or John Stone but I do have a complete set of Wide Wheels.

    The first edition was dated May 1969 and ran through to April 1972 when it changed its name to Driver - not to be confused with Allan Dick's New Zealand Driver magazine.

    The 35th and last edition came out in October 1972.

    The magazine was not published in June & December 1969 and January, April, July, September and October 1970.

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    I have a couple of those too. Would need to check but I think mine are towards the end of its life as Wide Wheels.

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    John, I've got December 1970, and January, February, March 1972 of Wide Wheels, and also have a July 1972 of Driver, but nothing in any of the Monaro. Might get a mention in one of the race reviews, but no photos sorry.

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    Smile Wide Wheels photo of Black, Thompson, Bunce Monaro

    Quote Originally Posted by John McKechnie View Post
    Steve- thanks so much for doing this research for me
    Hi John. Just checked my archive of Wide Wheels mags as I was certain there was a photo of Johnny Riley driving the Black, Thompson Monaro. There is a photo on page 27 of the April edition, which was the transition Wide Wheels/Driver issue. It isn't a great pic, but it shows the whole car with Riley driving it in practice. It has number 222 on the doors and Spear Racing preps signwriting on the front panel. Riley didn't race it as it was under prepared. I could scan a copy of it to your e-mail address if you like.

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    He was entered in the Monaro at the 12th March 1972 Pukekohe meeting.

    Name:  Monaro 72.JPG
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    You're a legend Milan! The March 12 meeting was Round 8 of the 1972 NZ Saloon Car Championship. I think Riley also tried out the Monaro at Bay Park but again decided the Mustang was the better option.

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    Riley was entered in the Mustang that meeting.

    Name:  Bay Park 27272.JPG
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    Interesting the difference in prize money to that on offer at Pukekohe.
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    What was the date of the Bay Park event Milan?

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    Steve: February 27 1972

    John: As well as Richards and Brocklehurst, Patrick Smith and Bruce Anderson were entered in GTHOs.

    Torana XU1s were entered by Alan Carter, Merv Neil, Richard Young, Neville Brickley, Jim Palmer and Roy Harrington.

    Charlie Conway and Bill David had Monaros while Rod Coppins and Jack Nazer drove Chargers.

    Two smaller cars were Tim Bailey's Porsche 911T and Peter Lewis's Alfa Romeo GTV.

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    Now that is something we never did coming home from Bay Park, how naughty of them.

    John "Twitch" is in shed not far from here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John McKechnie View Post
    Rod, were you, like me driving a Ford 10. I used to have to stop to pick up my doors as these cars would go past so fast the doors would get sucked right off.. also... who is, what is "Twitch"?
    That was the name on the rear spoiler of Patrick Smiths HO

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    Have you seen this from the 1991 Nissan Mobil programme?

    Name:  Thomson 1991.JPG
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    Thanks Milan, hey I remember reading that when I was at the event. The Falcon GT Grady trailered in to race had apparently never been road registered, according to the commentators at that event. Not sure how true that was. That 69 Camaro he said he was building never did surface!

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    Sorry John, I don't recall much at all about it. Can't even remember the colour! I'm sure you're right though, there will be more to it.

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    The meeting was on Sunday December 7th, 1969.

    Name:  Prog Puke Dec 69.JPG
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    Interesting to see that. Red had already built up a good points tally at this early stage. But once Rod got to steer the Camaro, and started notching up the points, Red began having quite a few dnf's as he ramped up the horsepower in the Mustang to stay ahead.

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    I think Donn sold up and went overseas, or something, around that time? Someone here will know better than me.

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    Here's another of my photos of George Bunce in the Monaro. Have you seen the other one I posted on the Monaro thread?

    Name:  Firebird and Bunce.JPG
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    I notice a Tim Slako in the programme Mailan posted in Post29 above. Is this the same Tim Slako who raced the Pink Walky in OZ? If so was he a Kiwi who moved to Oz or a Strine who visited here?


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