....Lee, Tim Slako is a real Kiwi pioneer in motorsport,lives and runs a very succesful 'tune Shop' in Perth, is the Australian distributor of 'Red Line Oil' products, Tim is one of those people in motorsport that you can't help admiring,he has that ,'I'll give it a go', approach, topped up with a 'ton' of talent, I recently rang Tim,first time in a lot of years,as I had a couple of young friends,from overseas,on a road tour of OZ, stuck in Perth,transport had died,Tim in his usually friendly,leave it to me approach, had them in a 'realiable' 4x4 and on thier way....thier parents in Germany are ever so gratefull to Tim for his Honesty and Integrity.....Tim's a Good Guy!!!.....But ,then he is a Kiwi!!!.........................thunder427/MJ