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Thread: Team Cambridge Monaro

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    No, not John Stone. It's a Robin Curtis photo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John McKechnie View Post
    Since I have this Monaro, my HT GTS Monaro is now not needed and will be selling it. Great for HMC, has tags. Will be listing it soon.
    Email me some photos and info John, I might be keen.

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    Hi John, here are a few new ones for your collection. Kindly sent to me by Mark Quertier, and originally taken by Ian Peak, as part of a large South Island collection from Ian which I'll be sharing here in the coming weeks.

    Name:  Grady Thompson Monaro s.jpg
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    Name:  Lyn Neilson, Grady Thompson s.jpg
Views: 1946
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    Name:  Wigram Saloons s.jpg
Views: 1919
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    "3rd is surely Wigram" - almost certainly but interesting to see from this angle - not one I recall seeing before. How I wish I'd seen it in the day

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    Scotsmans' Grandstands, Teretonga

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Holmes View Post

    Name:  Lyn Neilson, Grady Thompson s.jpg
Views: 1946
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    These photos are at Teretonga, where stock trucks and tip-trucks were regularly used as bring-your-own grandstands. I recall similar stands at Ardmore along the back straight .


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    Here is a picture of Monaro doin abit of drag racing. NZ Hot Rod Mag June 1970 photo taken at Port Rd drags by Rodger Hermansen.Name:  cambridge monaro.jpg
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    a question for you please
    what is the photo with the top cut off beneath the monaro/zephyr?
    sorry to be a pest. many thanks
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    This is the photo under the Monaro pic,cool looking Morrie with Cortina powerName:  Morrie.jpg
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    thanks 225sloper was not the car I thought

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    Quote Originally Posted by John McKechnie View Post
    Tried to open this John, but tells me "invalid attachment". Is this all part of the mystery?

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    It sat at John Windleburns place for a while after George or maybe George still owned it.

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    From here there is a gap until it was bought from a man called Wade in Pt Chev.
    The next part will have a different narrator.[/QUOTE]

    So, it was sometime in '78, I had an HT 350 Monaro, my buddy Quentin bought this rough grey ex race car. as pictured. it has a 307, "with a cam" a Muncie 4 speed, and I don't know what it had for a rear axle. The seller said it had just had a Camaro front end put in it, but that may be just spindles and backing plates to allow for the better brakes, and the brakes were very very good. It handled well to, not the norm for any early Monaro. The car came with a nice rear spoiler, not fitted, but it was orange and had George Bunce's name on it. The car was used for 3 up cruising around town, I thought it was a tough looking car. Some time not a lot later, it had some fiberglass rear flares to cover the big rear tyres, painted and flicked on to the next owner. The story I heard later was that it had hit a pole, side on and hard. I'm told it was written off, but it was repaired, and ultimately it lives again.

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    John, I am amazed at these pics of the finds off your Monaro. In all the years I pieced the Tulloch Camaro together I only ever found one part off it, the crossram intake. I look forward to seeing the end result. It does reinforce the belief, never stop looking for that part.
    The wheels look like American Racing. Cheers....

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    I will be at HD next year. The 3 times I have attended I have alway enjoyed the festival.

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    Here are a couple of pics that John will comment on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John McKechnie View Post
    I have a question on Schedule K if someone authoritive - Crunch, Racing Rodger etc- can answer it-
    I have chosen to have my HK Monaro as Team Cambridge when Grady Thomson had it in early 1970.
    There is one feature I am unsure about-the fuel filler.
    You have answered your own question John, the filler cap should be as per the "chosen timeline" you mention above!! That is what Schedule K is about!!!

    Panel hammers out tomorrow by the sound!!

    Dale M

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    Sheesh, thats a tough one! The car in Cambridge colours had the fuel filler in the standard location, but as you've rightly said John, its relocation is the one thing that saved it from certain death, as thats how it was identified as being this car! Almost seems wrong to undo that.

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    Thats a real difficult one and something that might have to be discussed further with the powers to be. Shame to take it away as Steve commented you may have never found the car without it. Tough choice John.

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