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Thread: Team Cambridge Monaro

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    These pics from John McKechnie of one of the rear wheels that was found at Pukie swap meet 25 years ago, with one of the fronts.

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    John, Depending on the stamping, I wonder if the RR could be from a previous team or owner,
    something like, but not necessarily " Rorison Racing" The 10/67 sure would link with a date.

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    I can't think of any Rorison cars that used then relinquished that size wheel, but it is possible they were already used if they are '67 made. One of the original owners may be able to shed some light.

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    there you go John, different angle can see number plate but not filler, been going over a disc sent to me, all sorts on it alot to sort through.
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    email me John I can not get through to you. Cheers

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    Here are a couple of beauties for you John, taken by Bill Pottinger, at Wigram 1970. Do you have copies of these? I can send the original large format versions if you don't?

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    Geee Bill you are an artist ...........

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    Quote Originally Posted by John McKechnie View Post
    Grant- How many volumes are there in the Sprague Family car racing album. Are there any showing Gary and Grady battling during this Mercury Series?
    I read that , I think it was Timaru, the two were running close till Gary retired with overheating?
    John I have not seen any pics of the two of them , next time I talk to big brother I will ask him , do you know what Gary was driving ?? I guess was the twin Cam , in that era , It is strange I talked to Gary even Kerrie Grant about the history & photos here , seems to fall on deaf ears as if hey been there done that, some people I guess don't revisit the past and its their choice I loved all my motor sports as time moves on time becomes more valuable when you [me] have a young family but not to say we shouldn't experience that divine spark of excitement etc [I remember Gary being a house hold name ], he did not see it that way very humble brother I was blessed with two really cool brothers in fact the whole family off the track a bit but while Im talking thought I would give a bit of insite....raining hard here in Tauranga about to deliver a car to Rotorua ... talk soon John thanks ..Grant

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    Oh yes , Pete Kocis , yep the Anglia looked good in orange , after Gary got the twin cam Dad decided he had enough of it & sold it to Peter Kocis, my other brother Wayne did not show a lot of interest & I was too young , although Wayne [other brother]had a crack at driving the HO at wigram only to find out it had a rear brake problem locking up & lost it at Bombay backwards into 44 gallon drums of water , he would have been 18yrs old , a big ask for a boy with no experience . As for school went to west school & tech I did end up sharing head prefect duties , but did not like school lol . John , I ended up doing a bit of motor racing you can check my profile its no biggy , but must add photos got some goodies........ Grant
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    He did more than a wee bit John, had some bloody nice and quick cars. Can't wait for the photos.

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    Not sure where the escort is now , was talking with Craig Baird he mentioned his Dad painted it L & P colours where ended up from there not sure , when Gary gets on here he can enlighten you more , as Gary sold it to Stan Baird, Don [Fat Jack ] John Mac's dad might know. as for Bathurst Gary Raced there 4 times you can see the write ups in CLASSIC Driver mags [Allen dick] , I was to partner Arron Harris in his BMW aussie NZ clash at Bathurst after our liquour king stint , but the clash & sponsor deal on travel between NZ & Aussie fell through at last minute..................... Grant
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    UMMM Arron , racing bikes could have , he won a championship in RX7s the same year we secured NZ title pre 65........ he asked me to share drive his ex baird bmw coup, we were same build so no probb with seating etc a really nice guy our lap times the same so was a good idea, his Dad [Rex] & I became good friends he does the computer work on the NZ v/8s etc
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    John , try Timaru auto parts , they might have some holden components down that way , if they don't they might know where, ask for browny , I guess he still works there .
    Hey sounds like a project & a half but you will get there .Thanks for update.............. Grant ........ ps you know there would be plenty across the ditch , JR,s mate owns a wrecking yard in Sydney [mainly fords though].. but a contact ???? if you need let me know.

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    John, can I make a suggestion that you either change the thread name or start a new one - this car is surely worth its own thread. Totally admire the way you get one with it.. as you say, no languishing for five years.

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    Great update John. Cheers, Bruce

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    Send the pic John, i'll post it for you.
    Bruce T

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    These two pics are as the car was advertised on Trademe, who could resist it, right John ?

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