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    Bo's Benz

    As is well-known, Bob Jane and Harry Firth won the second Armstrong 500 (1961, Phillip Island) in a Mercedes-Benz 220S, while in later years Janey often threatened to put a Mercedes into the race at Bathurst. He did, in fact, do this much later, but very different cars in very different circumstances.

    But in regular Touring Car racing in Australia the Mercedes was not generally considered an option. Holdens were plentiful in that capacity class and their modification for racing familiar to many. Why bother with a car which is more expensive, heavier and more complicated?

    But Lou Cusato did. I've mentioned previously that I wrote a story about this car for Motor Racing Australia and it was an interesting little tale. The principal driver of the car was Barry Seton and the year was 1963. In 1964 Bo got the drive of the Boomerang Holden as Spencer Martin was moved into Scuderia Veloce and the car returned to road use.

    Here's the story...

    Bo in the Benz. Easter Bathurst, 1963 - at the scene of some of Bo's later triumphs.

    Rounding up Holdens. At the time, Bruce McPhee explained to me that the Mercedes had a lot going for it - "Fuel injection, the mixture will be perfect, better brakes, independent rear suspension etc." But it wasn't quite that simple, here Barry rounds up a couple of the slower Holdens.
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