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Thread: The Peter Hanna Collection - Part 2

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    The Peter Hanna Collection - Part 2

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    It'd be fair to say Bay Park promoter Peter Hanna and his team were not hugely popular with those from Motorsport New Zealand. The Bay Park crew preferred to steer their own ship, rocky as the waters may have been at times. They went in their own direction, and as a result, were often left off the schedule when the International Series arrived in New Zealand each season.

    In an era where single seater racing was given preferential treatment, Bay Park promoted saloon car racing, and were responsible for importing several interesting tin-top teams each season, which proved a good draw card for the punters. But lets not forget, Bay Park was the first track in New Zealand to hold a race for Formula 5000 cars, even if there were only four of them at that 1968 event. And even these were a mixture of genuine early F5000s and converted USAC cars. But that mattered little. Their popularity, raw booming sound track, and apparent affordability saw to it that F5000 became the premier single seater category in New Zealand.

    So here it is, Part 2 (the final) of The Peter Hanna Collection.

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    Love the footwear on the guy pushing the F5000 in photo 1. That was common in those days, we usually at least had jandels. Don't times change. Hope there is alot more to come, these are great.

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    Yep, more to come Rod, I've just been away a couple of days.

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    These F5000 shots I actually uploaded several weeks back and added them to the F5000 thread, but I'll double them up and put them in here also, so they can be with the rest of the pics from this collection.

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    These are the last of them folks.....

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    Gobsmacked, tried to find me and my mates somewhere in the background to no avail.
    Would F5000 have come to NZ if it weren't for that first 4 guest American drivers? It was certainly hard to ignore the shock popularity of this hairy new formula in quiet little NZ. Of course these photos mark the later years, all from one meeting I would suspect and probably one I missed. Would love to hear some people fill in the gaps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murray Maunder View Post
    Would F5000 have come to NZ if it weren't for that first 4 guest American drivers?
    I think the answer is probably "maybe"
    In 1968 MANZ (and promoters in Australia) were facing the fact that the old 2.5 needed to be replaced. F1, F2 and FA (as it then was) were all discussed, with arguments for and against all of them. Bay Park were firmly in the FA camp, and put their money where their mouths were by getting those cars over for their big New Year race. And I suspect that clinched the argument

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    Yes I agree with David 100%.

    What would have happened had F2 been chosen is one of those 'what ifs?'

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