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Thread: SPR Models - new shipment of models just arrived!

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    SPR Models - new shipment of models just arrived!

    Hi All,

    We've just received our latest shipment of Spark and Bizarre models, and it includes some very impressive classic F1 cars; Jackie Oliver's Shadow MKII CanAm; classic Le Mans models (including four Le Mans winners); plus some road, rally and Daytona cars.

    Also included in this shipment is a beautiful 1:43rd model of Mickey Thompson's 'Challenger 1' Land Speed Record Car that achieved 363.48mph (584.96kph) at Bonneville Salt Flats on the 6th of October 1959. This beast was powered by four modified 400 cubic inch Pontiac engines - two engines driving the front wheels, and two driving the back.

    Check out all the new models at

    Here's a few shots of Jackie Oliver's #101 Shadow MKII from the 1971 CanAm season. This 1:43rd model is currently in stock.
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    And here are some shots of Mark Donohue's 1969 Trans Am Championship winning #6 Chevrolet Camaro Z28...

    Name:  S2602_front.jpg
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    Name:  S2602_rear.jpg
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    Name:  S2602_side.jpg
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    This 1:43rd model is currently in stock - visit to buy!
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    And here is another new arrival - Ken Miles & Lloyd Ruby's #73 Ford GT40, winner of the 1965 Daytona Continental 12-Hour...

    Name:  43DA65_front_left.jpg
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    Name:  43DA65_front_right.jpg
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    Name:  43DA65_rear.jpg
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    This 1:43rd model is currently in stock - visit to buy!

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    And finally, some images of the 1:43rd Porsche 917 LH #1 as first presented to the press in Gulf colours in 1969. Again, this model has just arrived in stock. Visit to purchase...

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    Wow, those are fantastic John! The Shadow in particular is incredible! I'm amazed by the level of detail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Holmes View Post
    Wow, those are fantastic John! The Shadow in particular is incredible! I'm amazed by the level of detail.
    You're right Steve - the level of detailing is amazing - especially for 1:43rd scale. Many enthusiasts dismiss 1:43 because of 'lack of detail', instead preferring to collect the larger 1:18th scale. That may have been the case many years ago, but nowadays 1:43rd models are superbly detailed. And you can display far more 1:43 than 1:18 in the same space!

    The Spark, Bizarre and TrueScale brands are particularly impressive. All three are hand-crafted in the same factory, and are all produced in resin instead of diecast metal. They were one of the first companies to use resin, and have recently upgraded to injection-moulding to form their bodies (as opposed to simply pouring the resin into the mould). Because the resin is now pressurised in the mould, the body lines, vents, air intakes, louvers, etc are now even sharper and more precise.

    Spark, Bizarre and TrueScale also use numerous intricate photo-etched metal components such as grills, window frames, wipers, body trim, handles and bonnet clips. Also, check out the tubular alloy exhausts and injection stacks - amazing for such a small scale. Some other brands still use bits of solid round plastic to represent the exhaust.

    Another hallmark of these three brands is the extremely thin plastic sheet used for each individual window. Again, most other brands still use one thick, moulded piece of plastic to represent all windows in the model.

    Cheers, John
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