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Thread: Bucklers!

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    Buckler 90/8 !

    Quote Originally Posted by Autopia View Post
    Chassis 90/8.First owner Kerwyn Taylor who built it on UK chassis 1956-58 with de Joux mk. 1 body. Raced at Teretonga and Dunedin. Subsequent owners Trevor Dunning, Gordon Pringle, Graeme Currie, Ken White, Bruce Sutcliffe, Dewar Thomas (who restored the car), Garry Price, Dallas Crampton, and Steve Day.
    This car - in recent times
    Name:  Bucklers in NZ #476 at Leadfoot NZ Photog not stated (800x416) (2).jpg
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    Here with Dallas Crampton at Ngawhini Hill Climb. Date not stated

    Name:  Bucklers in NZ #38 Ngawhini Hillclimb Dallas Crampton - starting D Montgomery .jpg
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    A article - from an event at Ngawhini -

    Name:  Bucklers in NZ #37 Ngawhini Hillclimb Dallas Crampton - article.jpg
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    Buckler 90/1 formerly in NZ now in Holland a bit more info.

    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Dowding View Post
    Photo from Steve Sharp archives - at Pukekohe . comment on the photo
    " Young Bruce Sutcliffe tending to his baby.**
    Bart Jonkers may have already seen this one. "

    According to notes I have Bruce owned it ** his baby in the 1970's -1975-ish ..

    Bruce Sutcliffe well known in Buckler Circles [ owned a few ] and Bart Jonkers now owns this Car - which is in Holland.
    The creator of this thread will know more than I do.

    The year - not known - looking at the shorts early 1980's - I had those too !! Not a good look !
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    Just found out this - the Registration number is still on Carjam ..

    " Year: 1955
    Make: BUCKLER
    Model: 90
    Colour: Green
    Second Colour: Yellow
    Body Style: Sports Car
    VIN: 7A81X000701901955
    Plate: KA6377
    Engine No: 4945
    Chassis: BK901955
    Vehicle Type: Passenger Car/Van
    Seats: 2
    CC rating: 1,172cc "

    Previous plate noted too

    " Plates History

    Plate Effective Date
    Current Plate? Get CarJam Report
    KA6377 19-Sep-2011
    AAH494 06-Apr-2001 "

    and before that BL 4993

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    Wally Bower in the Buckler Mk.6/2 car - a bit of history.

    Wally Bower in Buckler 6/2 in the early 1970's at Pukekohe - photo by Kevin Lancaster.

    Name:  Bucklers in NZ #116 Pukekohe 1970's Wally Bower Kevin Lancaster.jpg
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    Entry List from Milan Fistonic for a 1970 meeting.
    Milan wrote " This could be the race shown above. It was held on March 8, 1970 at Pukekohe. "
    I was probably there too !! - but no photos of the car !

    Name:  Bucklers in NZ #117 Wally Bower Mk6 -2 entry list 1970 Milan Fistonic.jpg
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    Kelvin Brown writes ;
    " Good to see that photo of Wally Bower in the Buckler Mk.6/2 car, by then the original Arnott blower and 100E had been removed and replaced with a Cortina engine of 1340 cc. ?, was repainted yellow. "

    Photo from " Geebeez " the car in Yellow.

    Name:  Bucklers in NZ #109 Wally Bower Mk6 -2 NZs 2nd Buckler became Blue Brick G Banks  (640x640) (2).jpg
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    Graeme Banks " Geebeez " also wrote
    " Yes that was NZs second Buckler probably in its final form before being almost destroyed in a road accident and reincarnated as the Blue Brick. "

    Here in a Ray Green " ERC " photo is the Blue Brick along with the now Bart Jonkers car Buckler 90/8 KA6377 Yellow over Green and behind is the Ivy Stephenson / Bruce Sutcliffe Blue over White 90 - they both have De Joux bodies.
    Photo from around 1985-86 I believe at Pukekohe in the old Paddock area by the Tote building

    Name:  Bucklers in NZ #119 Pukekohe Blue Brick ex Wally Bower #105 KA 6377 #90 Ivy's car behind 1985-86.jpg
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    Would appreciate any corrections / comments to pass on to Kevin Lancaster - who in retirement n the Coromandel is now posting many of his 100's or 1000's of photos.

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    All seems correct to me, except I note from the entry list that the Bowers car has capacity as 1250 cc
    Yes that's the paddock at Pukekohe, and what looks like the tail of another de Joux body just almost out of shot. The door opening looks a bit more like Mistral than de Joux though.

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    Just come across your mention in last year's Classic & Sports car Rhys! Didn't realise the Alan Staniforth connection - or maybe I just missed it.

    I'm a year behind, as the cruising habit since 2011 has meant the pile of magazines kept growing whilst we were away - every year. Cut back from 5 a month to 3, but still not exactly gaining, though having this year's travel cancelled may make a difference.

    Referring back to the 1985/86 photo at Pukekohe, note the crowd was pretty good. How times have changed.

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