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Thread: The Roaring Season 2016 T-Shirts: Design #2

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    The Roaring Season 2016 T-Shirts: Design #2

    Folks, here is our 2016 Roaring Season T-Shirt design #2.

    Something a little different here, a vintage Dry Lakes Roadster, and nice retro design. Once again, a super cool looking piece of artwork.

    Sizes available are:
    Kids: Age 6 through Age 12
    Adults Unisex: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

    Price: NZ$28.00 each
    Shipping: NZ$8.00 if being shipped within New Zealand, or NZ$15.00 for international shipping

    These beautiful tees are being created to help fund the site, and allow our great members and visitors to proudly display our brand of the online community we've all built together.

    To order your Roaring Season T-shirt(s), please email with your size requirement. Cut-off date for the first batch is Monday November 9, to meet our printers schedule. The shirts are being printed to order.

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    Just a reminder to everyone that Monday November 9 is the cut-off date for our 2016 Roaring Season T-Shirt orders.

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    Thanks again to everyone who has ordered a 2016 Roaring Season T-Shirt, in support of keeping our online community thriving. Your efforts greatly appreciated.

    All going well, the shirts are getting printed late next week, with a view to getting them out to everyone as soon as they're ready to ship.

    Thanks again for your support.

    Best Regards
    Steve Holmes

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    Just wanted to let everyone who ordered a t-shirt know that the shirts arrived from the printers yesterday, and they look great! We'll be posting these out over the coming days.

    Thanks again everyone for your support.

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