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Thread: Euan Sarginson Collection:-

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    I have them up to 1972, so a bit to come.

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    Lady Wigram Trophy 1965

    A relaxed Jim clark checks his mirrors and the straw bales as he heads for another win with lap and race record.

    The bump heading to the Loop gave the cars a sort out with Bruce McLaren here testing his Coopers suspension out. McLaren finished 2nd

    Bruce Abernethy in the Rothmans Cooper shoots the spray in air during practice.

    Jim Palmer finally beat Frank Gardner and finished third, here he is just about to pass gardner.
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    Wally Willmott works on as a swarm of photographers start clicking. The joys of being a mechanic.

    Profile of Jim clark as he wins the Wigram Trophy.
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    Teretonga International 1965

    Kerry Grant (14) and Phil Hill (48) make a good start with Bruce McLaren (47) and Jim Clark (1) on inside but Clark was first to the first corner. Clark lapped the whole field except McLaren who finished 2nd about 14 seconds back.

    The Flying farewell and winner mcLaren on outside of Jim Palmer and Kerry Grant.
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    Jim Clark in a class of his own, with McLaren in background and that is as close as they got.

    John Riley in the Lotus-Climax did not have much joy in the series but came into prominence at Dunedin and Waimate. Here is about to be lapped by Phil Hill at Teretonga.

    Phil Hill finished 3rd a lap down on Clark and McLaren.

    1st resident driver home was again Kerry Grant in the Lesco Racings Brabham and finished in 4th place overall.
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    1965 marked the 2nd year of the Tasman Formula and attracted a mixture of teams, cars and drivers.

    Shunted out of the Grand Prix the week before, Jim Clark won the Levin round in record time and opened his Tasman Championship.

    With Clark and Mclaren out of the Grand Prix Graham Hill in the Scuderia Veloce Brabham had it pretty much all his own way in the Grand Prix at Pukekohe but still set a new race and lap record. Hill was only here for the GP.

    Kerry Grant in the Lesco Racings Brabham thrilled his home crowd at Levin by clearing away from the field and chasing Clark until on the 10th lap he dropped a wheel off at Cabbage Tree and spun out of contention. But he had the crowd all up on there feet while chasing Clark.
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    The Tasman people and cars.

    Graham Hill in his familiar London Boating Clubs coloured helmet.

    Clark watching the rev counter while Colin Chapman has a tickle with the carbs.

    Phil Hill watching Bruce McLaren doing some suspension tweaking.

    Frank Gardner in the office.
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    Our own Mr Eoin Young chatting to Graham Hill.

    Bruce McLaren in the office.
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    The 1965 NZ Gold Star Road Racing Series saw some great action.
    Once again safety was very improtant with the use of hay bales to shield the poles etc. These guy's were brave and went hard.

    The Renwick 50 Meeting

    Maurice Stanton in the big sport car crests the rise while Andy Buchanan, John Riley and Red Dawson are in pursuit.

    Andy Buchanan has a dice with Red Dawson and John Riley at Renwick matching his Lotus-Ford against the 2.5-engined cars. Dawson finished 3rd and Buchanan just beat Riley to 4th.

    The Stanton-Corvette finished 2nd to Jim Palmer

    Jim Palmer won in the Repco-Brabham and went on to win the championship.
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    The 1965 Dunedin Festival Race
    Once again around the streets.

    Graeme Lawrence in his Brabham-Ford lands over the bridge at Dunedin.

    Bill Thomasenis on the brakes hard as he watches Andy Buchanan getting a little bit crossed up in the Brabham-Ford

    And if you want crossed up just watch Jim Boyd in the Lycoming who was a suprise winner of the race.
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    The 1965 Waimate Round The Houses.

    John Riley had to wait all season to be a winner and taste the champers.

    Riley (2.5 Lotus-Climax) leading a sideways Andy Buchanan (1.5 Brabham-Ford).

    Bill Thomasen (2.5 Repco-Brabham)was robbed of second gear but held on to finish second.

    The start and the Stanton-Corvette smokes the rear wheels of the line.
    This was the last race that Maurice Stanton as he crashed into a pole and it took helpers half an hour to get him out of the wreckage. Fortunately Maurice recovered from his injuries and he had decided previously this race would mark his retirment.
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    1965 Saloon Car Racing.

    The saloon racing at the GP at Pukekohe had the appearance of Aussie Bob Jane in his Jaguar,who pressed national champion Paul Fahey in his Lotus Cotina in the feature before retiring the Jag with mechanical problems.

    A familiar sight was the back end of S-Type Mini-Coopers.

    Anglias were another popular model with different looking cars appearing, these 2 at Renwick Street Race.

    Lotus Cortinas of Paul Fahey (108) and Arhtur Moffatts Climax engined version along with John Ward in his Lotus Cortina lead away a feild of Anglias at Waimate.
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    More 1965 Saloon action

    Start of saloon feature at GP meeting at Pukekohe with Paul Fahey (Lotus Cortina 104) leading out of the first (Elbow) corner followed by Rod Coppins (Zephyr-Corvette 141) with Bob Jane (Jaguar 129) tucked inside and followed by Robbie Francevic (Anglia orange and white) and some on in a Cortina facing the wrong way.

    Coppins leads the field in the Dunedin street race.

    Paul Fahey and the lotus Cortina over the bridge at Dunedin on his way to another win.
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    More Saloon action

    Minis doing what minis can do at Levin.

    The Prattley Triumph showing that it can dance as well at Wigram

    And Ashburtons Anglia man Mr Doyle meets a corner at Waimate.
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    Two mates from Gisborne who had a car dealership together, looks like there may have been a lack of feed over the winter when they put their cars out to graze.

    Both are having some hay.

    John Ward in his quick Lotus Cortina attacking the bales at Renwick

    And Rod Coppins giving the Zephyr-Corvette a taste of the bales at Pukekohe.
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    The Wills Six-Hour Saloon Race.

    This was the start of long distance racing for production cars in NZ and attracted a variety of cars.

    The start with the Valiant of Hyslop/Langley leading a herd of Lotus and GT Cortinas and Minis.

    The field into the Elbow for first time, i think i can even see a Humber 90 (Gazelle) in there as well.

    The Innes/Marwood Mini-Cooper S leading others in to Elbow.

    Imp shows wheel angles.
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    Wills Saloon Race

    The Hyslop/Langley went well until brake problems. Wonder how many right hand back tyres they went through.

    Syd Jensen with a mirror full of a Fiat driven by Paul Fahey.

    The shorter race was won by Paul Fahey and Jim Palmer in Faheys Lotus Cortina.
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    1965 Sports Car Racing

    A pretty newcomer to sports cars was Barry Walkers Mirage, but a bad crash at Dunedin ended his racing for the season.

    Maurice Stanton started well in the rebuilt Stanton-Corvette with a win at Renwick.

    Familiar on the curcuits a few years back the XK120 Jaguar here driven by David Silcock.
    (David tells a story behind this photo on the Silcock Jaguar Thread)

    The Lotus of Barry porter chased by Jim Boyd in the Lycoming. Porter won the championship.

    Boyd shows Porter the short cut at Pukekohe, imagine doing this in a modern car, even back then I think the backside would have tightened.
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    For The Record
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    Thanks Rod. I only have them until 1968, plus one for 1971, so will be looking forward to seeing the ones that fill in the gaps. You must have a bloody good scanner, these are coming out really clear.

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