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Thread: Photos: The Terry Marshall Collection

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    Photos: The Terry Marshall Collection

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    I’ve been working with New Zealand motorsport photographer Terry Marshall for probably ten years or more. It was through putting together a historical piece for a magazine we first made contact, and I was completely amazed by the quality and creativity of Terrys work. He manages to capture the very best from a race car at speed, bringing alive the magic of the moment, and holding it forever. He also somehow manages to capture the human nature of the sport, the emotional highs and lows that come with it.

    Terry is incredibly dedicated, having travelled the length and breadth of the country every season to snap, forever on film, the best moments in New Zealand motorsport. He began motorsport photography at the 1964 New Zealand Grand Prix, at Pukekohe. “It was the year Bruce McLaren won in the slimline Cooper”, he relates, “I remember I had somehow got to the front of the car before Bruce got out. I still have the blurry unusable negative to prove it”.

    The enthusiasm is still there, and TM still travels to capture those moments. Over the years his work has appeared in numerous publications, both magazines and books, and Looking Back, The Motorsport Photography Of Terry Marshall combines all his personal favourite photos in a beautiful hardback.

    Terrys work is familiar to many NZ and Australian motorsport enthusiasts, in no small part thanks to the fact he took the time to archive his collection so specific images from specific events can be plucked out as required at a moments notice. To be able to do this plays a huge role in the shape an article takes, as the text needs to intertwine with the images to fully bring a story across in the best possible way. This, combined with the quality of his work, means Terrys photography gets wide-spread coverage.

    TM has a passion for single seaters, first and foremost, be it Tasman cars, F5000, Formula Pacific/Atlantic, or Formula Toyota, he loves the cut and thrust of the best drivers of the era performing in the best cars. And some of his most spectacular work is from his dedication for capturing these machines as they’re manhandled to the very edge of their capabilities.

    Motorsport is about emotion, and Terry is one of the very best at capturing that emotion, and freeze-framing it forever.

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    I should confess, that one of my favourite Terry Marshall photos wasn't actually taken by Terry himself. The above posted photo was taken by a colleague, using Terrys spare camera, to capture him leaning out over the track as Ken Smith drifts his Lola past at speed. This shot sums up perfectly the dedication Terry has for this sport.

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    Here he is again, same spot. This is the photo that appears on the front cover of Looking Back, The Motorsport Photography Of terry Marshall.

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    Crazy wings. This is Piers Courage exiting the Pukekohe hairpin on his way to finishing third in the 1969 NZIGP, in his Brabham BT24.

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    Same spot, same race, Jochen Rindt on his way to second in the beautiful Lotus 49T.

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    Terrys own personal favourite F5000 photo, Graeme Lawrence thundering past the hangars at Wigram.

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    Another one of my favourites. Pete Geoghegan in the Super Falcon at the 1972 Bay Park Xmas meeting, lighting up the rear bags with 620hp of fury.

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    From the same Bay Park meeting as above, Geoghegan chases Allan Moffat who showers race fans with the rocks and stones lining the outside of the tarmac.

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    Terry became a huge Keke Rosberg fan when Keke visited New Zealand soon after Formula Atlantic was introduced as the replacement for F5000. Keke was rapidly making his way up the international motorsport ladder towards Formula 1, eventually becoming World Champion. Everyone who saw him race Atlantic cars in NZ knew he was on his way to greatness.

    Here he assaults one of the awful temporary Pukekohe chicanes as only Keke could do.

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    Says Terry of this shot: "Keke Rosberg, what a star, always goofing around. Here on the grid at Wigram. He had just pulled me down into the cockpit to tell me if I came to Germany with him he would jack me up a job as a magazine photographer there. I had a lovely wife and two great kids, so I had to say no".

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    PDL Mustang II, at Bay Park, during the 1979 Open Saloon series. There were three rounds held at Bay Park, Pukekohe, and Manfeild, each with two handicap races, with the cars set off at timed intervals, slowest to fastest, based on qualifying times. The battles between Leo Leonard in PDL II and Jim Richards in the Falcon hardtop were electrifying. Note the tall rear wing, fitted by the PDL team for this series. The wing came off a McLaren M10 sat in one of their sheds. Leonard said it made a huge difference to the cars handling.

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    From the Manfeild Open Saloon series round, Leonard and Richards get suited up for battle. During this day the pair of them smashed the lap record several times over, and Leonards final best lap remained unbeaten for well over a decade.

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    Red Dawson was always dramatic, which is why the crowds loved him. He gave 110% every time he raced. Here he is, in his newly acquired DeKon Monza, at Timaru, kicking up rocks and dirt exiting the first esse, as he chases Leonard in PDL I.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Holmes View Post

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    One of the best angles of a DeKon Monza, and caught in just the right moment by Mr. Marshall. Great stuff.

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    Bloody wonderful, thanks for bringing them to us. More, more!

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    Terry must have a fantastic collection of photos and I would imagine that we have not seen the half of them. Keep them coming.

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    Buy the book !

    It's a ripper !

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    This sequence of photos have been published a number of times, but I never get tired of them. Terry did a beautiful job capturing this incident.

    This is at the Xmas 1973 Bay Park meeting, that had all the top NZ guns plus Allan Moffat over with his Mustang. Behind the front runners, John Riley in the ex-Joe Chamberlain/Dennis Marwood Camaro was battling hard with Kevin Haig in the ex-Bob Egan/Bob Kennett/Dexter Dunlop Mustang. Charging into the hairpin in the third and final race, Riley who was behind Haig, dived in too hot, clipped the back of the Mustang, and was fired backwards through the catch fence.

    But Riley wasn't done with yet. Before the dust had even settled, he fired up the Camaro, and set about trying to get back into the action. But unbeknown to him, the fuel tank had been ripped out in the incident, the Camaro was quickly starved, and stopped.

    Riley, the former speedway hard-charger, was always spectacular.

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    Says Terry of this photo:

    "Amon in a works Ferrari in New Zealand. I couldn't believe it. Taken at Wigram in 1968. I was stationed at Wigram doing my military service, and could hear Amon and Clark howling around during practice while I was learning how to survive an atomic attack by lying down behind any brick or concrete wall that was handy. Makes me laugh just thinking about it".

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    I love this one:

    "This photograph of David Oxton having a snooze in the Begg FM5 at Bay Park in '73 won first place in Road & Track magazines world wide photographic competition held in 1974".

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